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Swallowable Gastric Balloon

Revolutionary treatment for WEIGHTLOSS

Its a very simple method of weightloss wherein a swallowable capsule once ingested can be inflated to occupy a significant portion of the stomach causing a restrictive effect on calorie intake.Its a revolutionary procedure because what required an endoscopy and anaesthsia , can now been done without the need of any and also gets removed on its own in the faeces.

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15-20% weightloss

Revolutionary treatment for WEIGHTLOSS. Its a simple 15 minute OPD procedure requiring ingestion and inflation of the capsule.

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Dr. Praveen Raj

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Dr. Saravanakumar

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We are one of the oldest centre in India and the first to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass in India.We have grown over the past 2 decades to evolve as a state of the art facility in managing obesity.

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Anyone who’s obese and struggling to lose weight , the Allurion balloon can help to provide additional restriction and improve the weightloss.Especially because it helps achieve satiety better , its can prevent the cheating episodes which messes up a weightloss program.

Certainly.More than 80,000 patients have been benefitted from the procedure in more than 50 countries.Its an FDA approved method and has enough scientific data to have proven its safety.

Although the results can vary from person -person , the average weightloss is expected to be around 10-20% of the total weight.

One may sometimes experience some nausea , and occasionally vomiting in the first few days of the procedure , which is usually self resolving.

In fact one should.Our multidisciplinary team of dieticians and physical trainers will work with you throughout the journey, as a good lifestyle is an important component of weightloss.

The balloon gets deflated automatically in 4-6 months and will excreted in the stools.Thats the speciality of the Allurion balloon.

Yes you can if needed.It has to be discussed with your doctor on the need and outcomes.

Occasionally , some patients may not achieve the desired results.The multidisciplinary will guide you with appropriate lifestyle change and if need be supplement with medical/other interventional therapies.

One needs to be on a liquid diet for a day or two prior to the procedure and visit the hospital in empty stomach on the day of the procedure and go back home the same day.

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